Arterial Rule Is Supreme

Blodåre - Osteopati - OsteoDanmark
“The heart, the fountain of life, is the organ in the human body which imparts the attributes of life and knowledge to the blood so that it can proceed correctly with all its work.” – A.T.Still Research and Practice, p318 Hjertet er det som holder os, som organisme, levende. Det cirkulere blodet og alt hvad blodet måtte bære med sig af vitale og næringsrige stoffer til vores væv, overalt i kroppen. “In the year 1874 I proclaimed that a disturbed artery marked the beginning to an hour and a minute when disease began to sow its seeds of destruction in the human body. That in no case could it be done without a broken or suspended current of arterial blood, which by nature was intended to supply and nourish all nerves, ligaments, muscles, skin, bones and the artery itself. He who wishes to successfully solve the problem of disease or deformity of any kind in all cases without exception would find one or more obstruction in some artery, or some of its branches.” — Dr Andrew Taylor Still. Autobiography

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